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BLESSED BE GOD!        Christmas Show Tickets On Sale!       ALL-SCHOOL MASS FOR OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE on Thursday, December 12th at 9:00 am at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church.              OLMC's ANNUAL POSADA & CAR RAFFLE on Friday, December 13th.            SCHOOL CLOSED FOR WINTER BREAK during December 23rd to January 3rd.           CLASSES RESUME on Monday, January 6th.


Music Director Frank Amador
text 619-421-2122
Reminder: Choir points on Gradelink have no effect on Report Card Grades or GPA.
Points are simply used for Choir Attendance and Choir *Reward Credit for Disneyland
Sunday Mass Choir Schedule 
8:30 AM
Before 8:29 AM in on time (3 points)
8:30 AM is tardy (2 points) 
Christmas Show! 

DECEMBER 18, 2019 

6:00 PM

Balboa Theatre

Downtown San Diego

868 Fourth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101


Balboa Theatre Dress Rehearsal for
Drama, Choir & Dance Team
December 18, 2019
12:00 - 4:00 PM
Show 6:00 PM
All School Rehearsal 
School Courtyard
December 13, 2019
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM




Dress Rehearsal and Show Schedule

School and Theater Details


Wednesday December 18:

Day of Show! (No Music/Comp Classes) at Balboa Theatre. 





11:00 AM Costume check, prep, hair and make-up (School Hall: Mrs. Blas, Mrs. Quinones) 


11:30 AM Bus (Mr. Hernandez) departure to: Balboa Theatre. Keep Bus Clean!

(Supervision: Mrs. Blas, Mrs. Quinones, Ms. Lopez)


12:00 PM Balboa Theatre arrival and lunch in the dressing rooms.

MUST REMAIN DOWNSTAIRS UNTIL CALLED. (Supervision: Mrs. Blas, Mrs. Quinones)


1:00 PM - 4:00 PM CAST FULL DRESS REHEARSAL! Choir, Drama, Dance Team 

(Supervision: Amador) 


You may bring water bottles and snacks (No Colored Drinks) in dressing rooms only.

Lunch will be provided for Cast. (Mr. Jimenez)


Water or Food will NOT be allowed on the stage or in dressing rooms this year.

Good Behavior is required and white slips will be effect.


4:00 PM Cast Dismissed for Break. SIGNED OFF TO PARENTS/GUARDIANS. 

(Parent Supervision, all must leave theater and re-enter through the front entrance with tickets)


5:00 PM Balboa Theatre Open to the Public. ALL STUDENTS NOW ENTER.

(Teacher Supervision at 5:00 PM in class seating section)


Dressing Rooms No Earlier than 5:30 PM.

Cast in Stage Position No Earlier than 5:45 PM


6:00 PM Show Part 1 "It All Happened in the Country" Play.

No Intermission.

Part 2 Class Performances.


8:00 PM Approximate end of show.




School Choir 

Aguirre, Kamila

Arce, Andrea

Armenta-Tapia, Karen

Avila Torres, Adriana

Castro, Daphnia S.

Castro, Valentina

Cintron, Alexandra

Cintron, Raul

Concha, Alessandra

Cristiani Torres, Victoria

Elias, Natalia

Flores, Georgiana

Galvan, Stephanie

Garner, Aidan Michael

Garner, Miranda S.

Gaxiola, Jazmin

Gonzalez Gomez, Itzel

Hernandez, Mia

Mora, Andres

Munive, Paulina

Oviedo, Carolina

Quezada, Eylah

Quiñonez, Danna

Quiñonez, Valentina

Romo, Saul E.

Ruiz Valdez, Danna

Ruiz, Ana Karen

Sabino, Alyssa

Sanchez, Luciana

Sanchez, Maxine

Spencer, Sofia

Urrea, Catherine

Valenzuela, Alexandrina

Drama Club

Laborin Karime

McKay Sophia

Guerrero Alexa

Elias Natalia

Galvan Stephanie

Ceballos Alesis

Armenta Karen

Lopez Mia

Bernal Celeste

Castro Omar

Barajas Hannah

Spencer Sofia

Oviedo Carolina

Esguerra Sofia

Barbara Cancino

Dance Team (5th Grade)

Aguayo, Valentina

Castro, Victoria

Ceballos, Alesi

Cintron, Alexandra

Delgadillo, Santiago

Dominguez, Sofia

Elias, Natalia

Esguerra, Rebeca

Galvan, Stephanie

Garner, Aidan

Gonzalez, Yareli

Guerrero, Alexa

Laborin, Karime

Marcilla, Anuar

McKay, Sophia

Oviedo, Luis

Perez, Sophia

Romo, Miguel

Sanchez, Nicholas

Soto Aceves, Camila

Teodoro, Francesca





Director, Frank Amador


619-421-2122 cell



Special Wedding Mass
(Extra Credit)
December 28, 2019 1:30 PM
Mt. Carmel Church
January 12
January 26
February 2
February 23
March 8
March 22
April 26
May 2
First Communion
Saturday 11:00 AM
May 3
May 17
May 29
Friday 5:00 PM
May 31
Final Choir Mass
If you are planning to stay in choir,
please keep and take care of your robes.
If not, please return it as soon as possible.
If you know any members that are no longer in choir,
please help contact them to return robes.

3rd Grade

*Valentina Quinonez

Adriana Avila 

Raul Cintron

Miranda Garner

Saul Romo

Alyssa Sabrino

Luciana Sanchez

Catherine Urrea

Victoria Cristiani

Andy Mora

Mia Hernandez

*Alexandrina Valenzuela

Eylah Quezada


4th Grade

*Paulina Munive

Itzel Gonzalez

Arce Andrea

Danna Quinonez

Kamila Aguirre

Concha Alessandra

Georgiana Flores


5th Grade

*Alexandra Cintron

Aidan Garner

Natalia Elias

Stephanie Galvan


6th Grade

Maxine Sanchez

Danna Ruiz


7th Grade

Karen Armenta

Sophia Spencer

Carolina Oviedo


8th Grade

Choir President : *Ana Karen Ruiz

Choir Vice President: Daphnia Castro*Jazmin Gaxiola*Valentina Castro



Blessed be God for giving us Silviano
A man of great love, of wisdom and strength!


In the Eucharist
and with our blessed Mother
He found the road to holiness.


Blessed be God for giving us Silviano
A man of great vision, a worker for


Blessed be God for giving us Silviano
A founder, a writer, a voice for the

We need fundraisers ideas and activities!
Let's reward our choir members!
Goal: End of the Year Disneyland Trip
All Choir Members and Parents:
Download Free App “TEAM APP’ 
search for OLMC Choir, then tap on “Become a Member”
Need a choir parent to maintain and keep updated.




All New and Returning Choir Members
Choir Contract Required.
Ideas, Activities and Results
Movie Night: Activities before the Movie (All)
Soccer (Mr. Concha) 4:30-6:00pm
Doughnuts and Torcidos (Mrs. Ruiz)
Family Picnic Booth (Mrs. Blas & Mrs. Romo)
Free Sport Days $2 (Ramirez)
Dine Out Fundraiser...Rubios, Chipotle,...(Mrs. Sanchez)
Team App (Mrs. Sanchez)
Robes (Mrs. Blas & Mrs. Romo)
Treasurer: Mrs. Ruiz & Mrs. Blas

Fundraiser Ideas?

Contact Mr. Amador (619) 421-2122 


Total Current Funds = $2,108.00


Download “Team App” then search for OLMC Choir


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