Schoolwide Learning Expectations

A graduate of Our Lady of Mount Carmel School is:

I. A faithful Catholic who:
           A. Practices the Gospel values and leads a prayerful life.
           B. Makes moral choices based on the teachings of the Church.
           C. Develops a spirit of service to family, school, parish, community.
           D. Has a great love for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and for Mary, His Mother.

II. A diligent learner who:
          A. Possesses a solid foundation in basic subjects.
          B. Is a good reader with high comprehension and writing skills.
          C. Is a critical thinker and problem solver.
          D. Is a good listener and can follow directions.
          E. Is able to responsibly utilize technology for learning, communication, and enjoyment.

III. A responsible citizen who:
         A. Is self-disciplined, productive, understands and accepts responsibility.
         B. Respects authority, self, peers, and others, regardless of their diversity.
         C. Knows how to lead and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
         D. Is aware of global issues.

Simplified versión for lower grades:

We are Faithful Catholics who:

  • Pray and follow the Gospel
  • Know Church teaching and make good choices
  • Serve our families, school, Church, and communities
  • Love Jesus in the Eucharist and Mary


We are Diligent Learners who:

  • Study hard and learn the different subjects
  • Are good readers and writers
  • Are critical thinkers and problem solvers
  • Listen and follow directions
  • Can use technology well


We are Responsible Citizens who:

  • Are self-disciplined, productive and responsible
  • Respect others
  • Make healthy choices
  • Know what’s happening in the world beyond where we live