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Kindergarten Graduation Song with Sign Language.
"The World is a Rainbow"
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Kindergarten Graduation Song

“The World is a Rainbow”

(With sign language)


The world is a rainbow
That's filled with many colors
Yellow, black, and white, and brown
You see them all around

The world is a rainbow
With many kinds of people;
It takes all kinds of people
To make the world go round

Now you be you
And I'll be me
That's the way we were meant to be
But the world is a mixing cup
Just look what happens when you stir it up!

The world is a rainbow
With many kinds of people
And when we work together
It's such a sight to see
The world is beautiful when we live in harmony!

La la la la la la





Kindergarten Graduation Mass Solos



Lord Have Mercy

Christ Have Mercy

Lord Have Mercy






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Wherever I am, God is,

Wherever I go, God is.

Wherever I am,

Wherever I go,

God is always with me.

If I could climb a mountain,

or swim the deepest sea;

if I could fly to the ends of the earth,

God would be there with me.



When I am glad and excited;

when I am full of joy;

when ever I feel happy inside,

God rejoices with me.



When I am sad and lonely,

or worried and so afraid;

even when I am in trouble,

God is there with me.





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Open our hearts O Lord,

To listen to the words of your Son