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Distance Learning-Device-Internet Policy and Traffic Safety

School Network-Device-Internet Policy and Traffic Safety


As we begin distance learning, it is important to establish expectations so that we can maximize the success of our students. As such, please review the following Virtual Classroom Expectations as established by OLMC SCHOOL. The basic principles are: Be Honest, Be Respectful, Be Responsible.


Daily Responsibility of Students

Our expectation is that you will login using the school student email domain (to either Google Classroom, school website, or other platforms the teacher has indicated) and check for assignments at least once daily, Monday through Friday. It will be easier if you set up a regular time of the day to log on. Have a space in your home set aside to do your work: Example, kitchen table, room, desk.

  • Review the weekly assignments on Monday, check daily for each assignment due date and time.
  • Read, watch, or listen to the directions and work carefully.
  • Know when your teacher will be online and ask for help and explanations if needed.
  • Share work and discuss ideas with your teacher and with other students, when appropriate.
  • Submit assignments by the deadline. If you are having difficulty, let your teacher know ahead of time.
  • Look for assignments that your teacher has reviewed, and/or commented on.
  • If you have technical difficulties, ask your parents for help or have your parents contact or [email protected]

OLMC SCHOOL Student Expectations - Distance Learning

OLMC SCHOOL Distance Learning is designed to give students an engaging online learning experience that includes clear expectations and outcomes for each week.  These expectations will include online and offline learning activities.  The work for the week in each content area can be found in Google Classroom in a module overview.  Tools in Google Classroom such as instructional videos, live and recorded sessions, online resources and chats on Google Meets/Hangouts will be used. Not all

components of online learning will happen in the first few weeks, but build over time as teacher and student comfort increases.  It is important that students understand their responsibility as learners to engage in their classrooms each day.  In addition, they are responsible for the same regulations as listed

in their building Code of Conduct. This includes appropriate online behavior within the Learning Platform.   



OLMCS Students will:

  • Create a space and dedicated time for learning
  • Organize the day to be their productive best
  • Seek help when needed (teachers, parents, principal)
  • Create balance by taking opportunities to work offline and upload tasks
  • Sign into the classrooms daily-keep connected 
  • Use Google Calendar to organize classes
  • Demonstrate learning with completion of assignments
  • Engage with the classroom and use tools (like headphones/microphones) to focus on instructional videos, etc. 
  • Communicate with your teacher and examine feedback
  • Follow the Code of Conduct (Student/Parent Handbook)
  • Demonstrate online learning etiquette (Zoom, Meet)
  • Reach out to your teachers if you are overwhelmed 
  • Collaborate with peers using respectful language and behaviors 
  • Use devices as stated in the  Device/Internet Acceptable Use Policy.  
  • Wear uniform/attire acceptable for OLMC School
  • Support each other in this new way of learning
  • Be patient with yourselves and your teachers-we are all learning together!