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BLESSED BE GOD!         Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on Thursday, January 23rd.         MANDATORY CHOIR MASS & OPEN HOUSE on Sunday, January 26th starting at 8:30 am (Mass) and 10:00 am - 1:00 pm (Open House).            GRANDPARENT'S DAY MASS on Friday, January 31st at 8:30 am (Gala Uniform required) & BREAKFAST at 10:00 am in the School Hall.        MINI DAY DISMISSAL on Friday, February 7th. Students released at 12:15 pm.         Mandatory P.T.G. Meeting on February 11th at 6:00 pm in the School Library.        NO CLASSES/SCHOOL CLOSED on Friday, February 14th and Monday, February 17th.

Safety Patrol

School Traffic Safety Patrol


Supervisor: Mr. Frank Amador
Commissioner: Danae Oikawa
Assistant Commissioner: Nicholas Sanchez
AM Manager: Nico Sanchez and Gael Perez
PM Manager: Maxine Sanchez Nico Sanchez


5th - 8th Graders School Safety Patrol.
We we welcome PARENTS to participate (CMG Required) Hours of Service
Print or Email Safety Patrol Contract by Friday, September 27, 2019

School Traffic Safety Patrol Pledge


I promise to do my best to:


Report for duty on time.

Perform my duties faithfully.

Strive to prevent injuries, always setting a good example myself.

Obey my teachers and officers of the patrol.

Report dangerous student practices.

Strive to earn the respect of fellow students.



      7 Qualities of a Great School Safety Patrol Member:

  1. Dependable: Be a person others can rely upon.
  2. Polite and Courteous: Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  3. Good Role Model: Always practice safe behaviors.
  4. Trustworthy: Show integrity, strength, and confidence.
  5. Respectful: Never be bossy or rude.
  6. Proud: Wear the vest and gloves with pride; always keeping them neat and clean.
  7. Diligent: Give correct crossing signals to classmates and never stop cars.

Safety Patrol members must keep a 3.5 GPA minimum. No White Slips.

Greet parents and students with a big smile.

Help students to enter and exit their vehicles safely.

Safety Patrol members must NOT TALK during school traffic pattern (-1 point for talking)

           Safety Patrol members must be on time and not leave early (-1 point for tardy/leave)

Look out for safety issues and report them immediately to supervisor.

The safety patrol schedule will be for the whole year.

Must be prepared and dedicated to serve the entire school year.

Students will be given points for attendance. 


School Traffic Schedule:                             

AM :    7:35 AM – 8:00 AM 

PM :    2:55 PM – 3:15 PM



Safety Patrol Members


Name Grade
Santana, Danae 8
Morineau, Emilio 8
Martinez, Alonso 8
Avelar, Diego 7
Slinksy, Daniel 7
Valenzuela, Fausto 7
Borques, Emilio** 7
Curriel, Aldo 7
Castrejon, Patricio** 7
Chavez, Nicholas* 7
Jauregi, Ian** 7
Santiago Vidal 7
Valdez, Jacob 7
Spencer, Sofia 7
Baig, Sebastian 6
Castro, Alexa? 6
Castro, Valeria 6
Figueroa, Daniel 6
Lozano, Ian 6
Mendoza, Angel 6
Murillo, Santiago 6
Oropeza, Jose Emilio 6
Perez, Gael 6
Perez, Vicente 6
Romero, Rosenda 6
Ruiz, Danna 6
Sanchez, Maxine 6
Silva, Gianna 6
Alejandro Mendiola 6
Castro, Victoria 5
Cintron, Alexandra 5
Elias, Natalia 5
Laborin, Karime 5
Marcilla, Anuar 5
McKay, Sophia 5
Perez, Sophia 5
Delgadillo, Santiago 5
Sanchez, Nicholas 5
Guerrero, Alexa 5
Aguayo, Valentina 5
Romo, Miguel 5