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Piano Recital 2017 » Piano Recital 2017

Piano Recital 2017

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School Annual Piano Recital
Date: March 8, 2017 at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church
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Piano Recital All-Star Student Official List!
The following students have scored 105% to qualify.
Grade Name Song Form
8th Maria Corral, Alyssa Gomez, Karely Gonzalez, Chantal Lopez Scars To Your Beautiful Band
8th Conrad Dayton Amazing Grace Guitar
8th Sofia Gaxiola Halo Piano
8th Aranza Hurtado-Villareal Malagena Guitar
8th Gonzalo Ochoa Japanese Song Piano
8th Thaily Romero Braveheart Theme Flute
8th Miki Sanchez The Scientist Melody Piano
8th Valerie Abaroa The Girl from impanema Violin
7th Annya Apodaca and Isabella Murillo Secret Duet
7th Francisco Mendoza Call of Duty Piano
7th Mario Ochoa Midnight Love in Berlin Piano
7th Paulina Rodriguez and Alexa Solana Thousand Years Duet
7th Bernardette Solares Someone Like You and Ballade por Adeline Piano
7th Alissa Vidal and Alejandra Hurtado Love in the Brain Duet
7th Victoria Zepeda Thousand Years Piano/Vocal
7th Victoria Arreola You are my Sunshine Piano
6th Andrea Castaneda and Alexa Zazueta Heathens Duet
6th Isabela Banuelos Wake me up Piano
6th Paulette Vazquez Waltz Piano
6th Valentina Parra and Alexa Zazueta Implicit Demand for Proof Duet
6th Christian Ochoa Indian Drum Piano
6th Jorge Montiel Demons Piano
6th Renatta Hernandez, Ana Sofia Velarde and Pamela Navarro Alone Firestone Medley piano
6th Farah Mayoral and Itzel Maldonado Say you won't let go Duet
6th Fabian Cazares Dragon Ball-Mi Corazon Encanta Piano
5th Jazmin Gaxiola Ode to Joy Piano
5th Valentina Castro Pink Panther Piano
5th Erik Morales Star Wars Piano
5th Romina Sierra Nutcracker March Piano
5th Valentina Munoz Waltzing Matilda Piano
5th Alonso Martinez Ode to Joy Piano
4th Diego Avelar Treat You Better Piano
4th Nicolas Chavez Harry Potter Piano
4th Alessandra Rael We Are The Crystal Gems Piano
4th Agustin Abaroa Paradise Piano
3rd Alexa Castro Twinkle Little Star/Happy B Day Piano
3rd Edy Ochoa Swans on the Lake Piano
3rd Maxine Sanchez Jingle Bells Piano
3rd Jose Oropeza Ode to Joy Piano
2nd Luis Oviedo Jingle Bells Piano
2nd Nicolas Sanchez Old Mc Donald Piano
2nd Karime Laborin Los Changitos Piano
1st Uzziel Gutierrez Saints Piano
1st Paulina Munive Jingle Bells Piano
MC's Gonzalo Ochoa and Tony Valdez
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Piano Recital Performance Team


MC’s Tony Valdez and Gonzalo Ochoa


Note Spotter (Middle C, G,…) Valentina Munoz


Discipline (Keep group quiet) Romina Sierra and Jazmin Gaxiola


Managers (Seating order and on deck) Anasofia Velarde and Alexa Zazueta


Props (Chair, Music Stand for Violin, Flute) Conrad Dayton


Band set up (Keyboard for trio, Drums, amp,…) Conrad Dayton


Microphone (When students sing) Conrad Dayton

If you choose for your child not to perform in the All-Star Recital, please notify me in writing, email, text or call the office.
619-421-2122 text only

1. Songs from a piano book
2. Video from YouTube (Piano Tutorial)
3. Sheet music from Google (Sheet Music)
4. Original composition (Must be approved)
5. Step method from song on Casio keyboard
6. Taught by another teacher or relative
7. Duets and singing with piano are permitted 


Audience: 2nd – 8th Graders, Parents and Staff.
Time: 12:30pm - 2:30pm 
Location: Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel Church
Dress Code: See Attachments!

Dress Attire: Girls, Dress Nice or Full Gala (NO JEANS, NO TENNIS SHOES, NO HEELS)
Hair may be loose as long as it does not cover your face. Hair up at least partially is suggested.
Dress Attire: Boys, Dress Nice or Full Gala (NO JEANS, NO TENNIS SHOES, NO HEELS)

Come to school already dressed nice or gala uniform for recital. Do not change at school.


Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this event.
Questions or concerns:
Mr. Frank Amador