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Director, Frank Amador FrankAmador@olmc.school 619-421-2122 cell phone



Drama Homework:

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All costumes must be approved and finalized by Mr. Amador




October Rehearsals
Wednesday's 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
November Rehearsals
Monday's and Wednesday's 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Days and Time to be Added.
Please bring snacks to Drama Club

Ticket Sales Begin on November 3

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2017 Christmas Production

"All I Want for Christmas"


Date: Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Time: 6:00 PM


Location: Lincoln Performing Arts Center 

4777 Imperial Ave

San Diego, CA 92113


Auditions, Parts and Roles Criteria

1. Drama Attendance and Participation 

2. Academic Grades

3. Behavior Overall

4. Singing, Dancing and Acting Experience (for lead roles)

5. Competition and Points in class (Projection, Character, Improvisation, Pronunciation and Clarity)

6. Performance, interaction and Chemistry

7. Seniority (grade order; 8,7,6,...)
Drama members are to accept and follow director's final decisions.
Drama Cast List for All I Want For Christmas 2017
Lindsay: Sofia Blas
Mom: April Rivera
Store Clerk: Alina Quero
Jack-In-The-Box: Victoria Zepeda
Chucko, The Teddy Bear: Victoria Arreola
Miss Glamour Dolls: Zulma Ortiz, Annya Apodaca, Isabella Murillo
Wonder Women: Alyssa Hobbs
Farmers and Star Wars Characters: Melina Soto, Ana Karen Ruiz, Paulette Gallegos.
Paulette: Paulette Vazquez

Part 1: Pre-Kinder through 8th Grade Class Performances


Part 2: "All I Want for Christmas Musical Play"

Featuring Choir, Drama and Dance Team


All Lindsay wants for Christmas is... everything she sees! And while she's pouting over her mother's true words about why we celebrate Christmas, Lindsay finds some new friends... cool toy friends... that come alive to her. Together Lindsay, Miss Glamour Doll, Chucko the fluffy teddy bear, the action figure Captain Courage, and the ever popular Jack-In-the-Box tell the story of the first Christmas and discover the true meaning of the season. This 40-minute musical teaches a wonderful lesson about the ultimate gift that God gave to us. All I Want for Christmas has traditional carols, delightful character songs and several new choir pieces that are sure to become classics. Created by veteran writers Dennis and Nan Allen, this joyful children's musical is just what you need for Christmas.


All I Want for Christmas

All I Want For Christmas Reprise 1

All I Want For Christmas Reprise 2

Big Surprise

Celebrate Finale


Come To Bethlehem Part 1

Come To Bethlehem Part 2

Cradle Song (Away in a Manger)

My Gift

Toys Are People, Too 



Mr. Frank Amador

619-421-2122 (text only)








Stations of the Cross: Passion Play 2017

Narrative Mime

Character Assignments







Luis Chavez


Maria Corral

Mary Magdalene

Ina Lelevier

Pontius Pilate

Chantal Lopez


Alex Perez, Alyssa Gomez, Galia Santana,

Bryan Martinez, Miguel Curiel,


Valerie Abaroa, Aranza Hurtado


Karel Gonzalez


Diego Perez

John the Apostle

Kairo Gonzalez:*Matthew Vasquez

Joseph of Armathea

Joao Carnelossi


Natalia Sanchez, Valeria Rabago,

Alejandra Hurtado,Miki Sanchez, Alma Munoz

Cross Carriers

Thaily Romero, Andrea Guardado, Hania Garate,

Jesus Voice

Conrad Dayton

Teenage Voice

Sofia Gaxiola

Opening Prayer

Gonzalo Ochoa

Opening Narrative

Ina Lelevier

Resurrection/Closing Prayer

Chantal Lopez

Sound Tech and Music

Kairo Gonzalez: Mr. Amador


*Mathew Vasquez, Joao Carnelossi

Stage Managers

Karel, Maria, Ina


(Federico and Mathew)




Christmas Cast 2016

Leon: Sofia Gaxiola

Mr. Mosley: Karely Gonzalez

Jonathan: Maria Corral

David: Alyssa Gomez

Matthew:  Valerie Abaroa

Storyteller: Alyssa Hobbs and Zulma Ortiz

Madeline: Annya Apodaca

Julie: Paulette Vasquez

Brooke: Sofia Blas

Narrator: Victoria Zepeda

(Supporting Actors)
Villagers, Shepherds, Angels, Wise Men:
Farah Villanueva, Mario Ochoa.
Drama members are must accept and follow director's final decisions.