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Blessed Be God! Piano Recital Wednesday, March 20...

Disneyland Annual Trip 2018 Choir and Safety Patrol

 Disneyland Annual Trip 2018 for Choir and Safety Patrol







(Pink Slip if late to the bus, 9:45 PM deadline)

 No excuses on long lines to the tram, shopping, crowd or any other delays.


ARRIVAL back to school  

for parent pick up at 12:00 AM (Midnight)

 Please show up at least 15 minutes early

depending on traffic we may arrive earlier 


All Students MUST WEAR a school logo top at all times.

(Free dress bottom)

8th Grade Graduation Tops

6th Grade Camp Tops


Must stay with group at all times and responsible for your valuables.

Be respectful and clean on the bus.

Organize your group with leaders.


Report to “City Hall” if lost or if looking for someone!

15 minute solution!


Disneyland Trip  2018

Chaperones are placed where needed and not by request.

This is the privilege of riding on the bus.

If not willing to chaperone where needed, make plans to drive separately.

Bus is full to capacity.


Final Update!

Group 1 (6)

8th Grade

Chaperone: Mrs. Zepeda

Sofia Blas

Alexa Solano

Alina Quero

Victoria Zepeda

Victoria Arreola

April Rivera



Group 2 (7)

8th Grade

Chaperone: Mr.Zepeda

Luis Zepeda

Francisco Mendoza

Zulma Ortiz

Claudia Renteria

Ana Sofia Velarde

Paulette Vazquez

Millie Gomez



Group 3 (10)

6th - 7th

Chaperone: Mrs.Mckay


Alejandro Mckay

Luis Carlos Gonzalez

Jorge Montiel

Raul Annaya

Carlos Figueroa
Romina Sierra

Danae Santana

Guillermo Ferguson

Marco Rabago

Emiliano Rincon



Group 4 (10)

6th and 7th

Chaperone: Mrs. Hobbs


Alyssa Hobbs

Valeria Ramirez

Valentina Castro

Isabella Jimenez

Isabella Perez

Annya Apodaca

Isabella Murillo

Valentina Gutierrez

Max Rabago

Victor Cuen 



Group 5 (6)


Chaperone: Mrs.Sanchez

Jose Oropeza

Maxine Sanchez

Sophia Mckay

Luis Oviedo

Natalia Elias

Angelica Ramirez



Group 6 (6)

5th grade

Chaperone: Ms. Blas


Alessandra Rael

Carolina Oviedo

Celeste Bernal

Sofie Esguerra

Karen Armenta

Sofia Spencer