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School Reopening Fundraiser

Dear OLMC Parents:     


On behalf of the OLMC PTG and School Board, we would like to present our proposal to help in the reopening of our school.  Whether you decide to return to school, remain in distance learning or hybrid learning, our school cannot reopen without completing the requirements and guidelines that are mandated by the state. COVID 19 has forced us to make drastic changes to our lives. Everything from Social Distancing, Distance Learning to adopting a more sanitary lifestyle.    


Pre-COVID times we were able to host fundraising events such as raffles, bazaars, festivals, picnics, dances, and food sales.  Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we are limited to use most of those means to raise funds due to social distancing restrictions.  Because of this, we are asking you for your help through monetary donations to complete the projects needed to reopen the school.  These projects will not only meet the guidelines required by keeping our children safe but also improve the overall school experience of our children.  It is very important to the PTG and School Board to be transparent with parents as to where your monetary donation will go to.  We have broken down the school reopening into 4 projects specifically. The PTG has been working diligently comparing products, costs, and samples so that we may bring the best quality and cost-efficient interests to the schools.


To make the reopening a success we are asking that each family support our school by donating $100.00 to reach our goal.  Additional monetary, services, or product donations are greatly appreciated as well.  As an added incentive your donation will count towards 7 hours of service, plus a bonus hour. Additional donations will be honored with hours of service as well. Your contributions will have a positive impact on the safety, sanitation, and faith-based education of our children.  We thank you in advance for your dedication to our school and for your donations.  We hope that all these improvements will benefit not only our own children but also the teachers and staff of our school.  Our main goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible and that all our students stay healthy and on track with the new normality we face.

Thank you,

OLMC PTG and School Board




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